Angelina Jolie, Most ‘Wanted’ Action Star

Angelina Is A Film Stillaction Star

There Is A Good Reason Why Angelina Is In The Kung Fu Panda Series

Angelinas Most Highprofile Roles Have Been In Films That Cast Her As An Action Star

Angelina Played The Female Lead In The 2001 Film Tomb Raider

A Jackedup Angelina Kicked Serious Ass As Adventurer Lara Croft In The First Film And Sequel

In 2005 There Were Professional Pyrotechnics On Set And Personal Ones Off Of It

Angelina Was The Best Thing In 2008 Because Of Its Assassins And Bendy Bullets

Salt Was Originally Written For A Male Star But Was Changed To A Female For Angelina Film

The Sequel To Maleficent Demanded Some Action Hero Vibes From Angelina

The People Who Wish Me Dead Had Mixed Reviews Of Angelinas Performance As A Smokejumper In The Assassins Film

She Was The Most Riveting Cast Member In Eternals

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