Assailant Breaks Into Nancy Pelosi’S Home, Attacks Husband Paul Pelosi – New York Post

An Attacker Broke Into Nancy Pelosi'S Home And Attacked Her Husband

Nancy Pelosi'S Husband Was Violently Attacked When An Invader Broke Into Their Home

Nancy Pelosi Was In Washington At The Time Of The Attack And Is Expected To Make A Recovery

The Motive For The Attack Is Under Investigation

The Man Accused Of Attacking Paul Pelosi Has Been Identified By The San Francisco Police Department

Depape Yelled "Where Is Nancy Where Is Nancy" Before Attacking Paul Pelosi With A Hammer

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott Said At A Press Conference That Officers Were Dispatched To The Pelosi Residence At 227 Am Friday For A Wellbeing Check

The Suspect And Paul Appeared To Be Holding A Hammer

The Suspect Pulled The Hammer Away From Paul And Attacked Him With It

According To Scott, Depe Has Been Booked On Charges Of Attempted Homicide Assault With A Deadly Weapon Elder Abuse And Several Other Additional Felonies

Reports Claimed That Pelosi Was Undergoing Brain Surgery

In The Drag Race Against Colin Powell'S Sonsee, Biden Pushed The Car To 118 Mph

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