Megyn Kelly Irked By Meghan Markle Calling Prince Harry ‘My Husband’ – New York Post

Megyn Kelly Was Upset By Meghan Markle Calling Prince Harry

Megyn Kelly Wants Meghan Markle To Stop Referring To Prince Harry As Her Husband

During Her Siriusxm Podcast On Tuesday, Kelly Degraded Markle As A Commoner And Became Annoyed With Her Frequent Reminders That She Married Into The British Royal Family

Megyn Kelly Said, "We Get It You Bagging The Gorilla

"Marks Approval Rating In The Uk Is Less Than 22 And She Was Called A Liar For Saying She Never Researched The Royal Family Before Marrying Harry

During An Interview With Author Christopher Anderson Who Is Coming Out With A New Book About King Charles Iii, Kelly Made The Comments

Markle Talked About Her Husband'S Parenting Skills On Tuesday'S Episode

While She Cooks For The Brood, The Prince Helps Get Archie Downstairs

It Is Very Important To Me That I Make Breakfast For All Three Of Them

Kelly Hit Out At The Duchess As A "Blist Actress" While Her Husband Was "Thinskinned", As She Was A Frequent Critic Of Markle

Elon Musk Was Upset When Stephen King Said He Wouldn'T Pay For The Blue Check

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