6 Foods That May Aggravate Cold And Cough

There Are 6 Foods That May Cause Cold And Cough

Cold Weather Can Cause A Weak Immunity System And Make You Sick

There Is A Chance That Dairy Products May Cause Your Body To Produce More Mucus

Coffee Tea And Soft Drinks Are All Diuretics And Can Lead To A Lot Of Mucus

Fried Foods Are Not Just Responsible For Adding Bulk To Your Waistline But May Also Become A Serious Cause Of Cold And Cough In Your System

Histamines Help The Body Remove Allergens

It Is Better To Not Drink Alcohol When You Are Sick

Sugar Is Just Like Alcohol In That It Can Cause Serious Inflammation And Weaken Your Immunity System

Its Important To Get Advice From A Doctor When Youre Sick

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