Use Amla for skin care

Image Credit Istock Use Amla For Skin Care

Mix One Spoon Curd In 2 Spoons Amla Powder And Apply It On The Face, It Will Clear The Skin. Amla And Curd Image Credit Istock

Mixing A Few Drops Of Honey In Amla Powder And Applying It On The Skin Makes The Skin Glow. Amla And Honey Image Credit Istock

Prepare A Scrub By Mixing A Little Sugar In Amla Powder, It Exfoliates The Skin. Amla And Sugar Image Credit Istock

Mix A Few Drops Of Rose Water With Amla Powder And Apply It On The Skin, It Will Give Glow To The Skin. Amla And Rose Water Image Credit Istock

To Moisturize The Face, Prepare A Mask By Mixing Amla Juice In Aloe Vera Gel, Then Apply It On The Face. Amla And Aloe Vera Gel Image Credit Istock

To Deep Clean The Skin, Prepare A Face Pack By Mixing Both Amla And Papaya And Apply It On The Face Daily Amla And Papaya Image Credit Istock

Dip A Cotton Ball In Amla Juice And Apply It On The Face Like A Toner. Apply It Only 23 Times A Week. It Will Remove The Spots. Fresh Juice Of Amla Image Credit Istock

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