Omvati Devi Jatav

Omvati Devi Jatav is the leader of the Congress party. Congress has given tickets to Nagina secured Lok Sabha seat, MP Omvati Jatav, whereas Dr. Yashwant Singh from BJP has been in the fray. On this seat the BSP played a stake on Girish Chandra on behalf of the alliance. Let us tell you about Congress candidate Omvati Jatava.

Accommodation in Nagina

Omvati Devi was born in 1949 in village Bakhanaur in Takhawali. He married RK Singh in June 1959. RK Singh has been an IAS officer. At present, he lives in ancestral house near Nagina’s vegetable market. Both have three daughters.

Political journey

  • Omvati became Nagina MLA on Congress ticket in 1985.
  • After this, he became a legislator in 1996 and MP in 1997 on SP ticket.
  • In 2002, he again became MLA from SP.
  • Omvati’s husband RK Singh also contested the BSP ticket from Nagina seat in 2009, but lost.
  • In 2007, when she became Nagina’s MLA on the BSP ticket, Mayawati made her a minister of state.
  • Omvati lost assembly elections in 2012
  • After this, RK Singh and Omvati joined the BJP.
  • BJP gave Omvati a chance in the 2017 assembly elections but she lost.
  • In the beginning of March this year, both husband and wife left the BJP and went to Congress.

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