Top 5 Colleges of UK

Studying in the UK would be expensive than you think. The states in the UK have different rules and regulations for universities and colleges. Education here in the UK is not free. The UK government allows its students to pursue graduation, post-graduation/masters by taking government loans, scholarships, and other government policies. The question is of choosing the best university among all. The article will guide you through the Top 5 Colleges of the UK.

Top 5 Colleges of UK

The average expenses of College going students in the UK are near about £125 (~US$175) per week on rent in the UK. The colleges provide hostel facilities inside the university colleges. The British government has been showing remarkable outcomes in the fields of science and  education. The reason behind this successful regime of education is the quality education and discipline the colleges here follow. Following are the Top 5 Colleges of UK

  1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford was established in 1096. Since then, The university is located in the north-west of London. There are nearly 240 buildings where valuable courses such as applied mechanics, research and development, applied science, medical research are available for students to opt for. The university has given the world-renowned scientist and theoretical physicist Stephen hawking. 

The ranking given to this university is 5th among all the world’s famous universities. The university provides courses for science, mathematics, MBA, medical science, social science, and life science for 800 years now. To apply for admission to this university, you will have to follow the university portal’s instructions. This university allows 155+ country students to apply here for their future educational journey.

  1. University of Cambridge

The university has many other colleges affiliated with it. The Uk ranking for the University of Cambridge is second after the university f oxford. The university o Cambridge ranks 7th in the list of the world’s top colleges. The university has an excellent course list that also provides virtual labs. The students enjoy the numerous campus and flexibility in applying for the examination. 

Established n 1209, located in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK, it is a prestigious and top-rated college for students who will study abroad. The courses available here are master courses, MBA, pure mathematics, etc. The university has an excellent list of 300 courses in programs. The college also accepts the IIT-jee advance score of students from India. There are many scholarships and financial aids available for those who choose master’s courses here.

  1. Imperial College London

The United Kingdom has a gem of universities. The Imperial College London is one of the top-rated colleges in the world. Ranking 3rd in UK top-rated colleges and 8th in the world’s high rated list of universities. The college provides several innovative and advanced technology programs such as a Hydrodynamics laboratory for measuring waves and their impact, Test-flight facilities for hybrid unmanned aerial robots, etc.


  1. UCL (University College London)



The UCL is a college under the University of London. It ranks 4th in UK top-rated colleges and ranks 10th among the famous colleges of the world. The UCL is renowned for its sports club for students and faculty members. The college is located inv Bloomsbury in central London. The courses available here are MBA, MBBSs, MSc, Computer science masters, finance MSc, etc.

The UCL has more than 48 percent of international students experience its valuable educational facilities. The UCL welcomes students from nearly 190 countries to the campus every year to study through an application process. The UCL is rated the top most institute, providing the best in medical education and research and development.

It is not only a college to study but consists of a British museum inside the campus.

  1. University of Edinburgh



The University of Edinburgh is the sixth oldest university in Scotland. The institute offers courses such as MBA, engineering courses, computer courses, etc. It is an open university. It is a massive storage of more than 2.5 million books in its library. The notable alumni of this university are  Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft Corporation), Neil Armstrong (First person to walk on the moon), A.P.J Abdul Kalam (11th President of India). 

The university is renowned for the high cited research and development, internships for students, giving practical world knowledge. The university runs a league table for each student here. This helps the students to know their strengths and fields that are to be explored more by each candidate. Students can visit their international students’ website to see more about the graduation and post-graduation programs.


The above five universities in the UK are among the top 10 universities worldwide. The Uk government manages to keep the race going and maintaining the pace between top-ranking universities. The facilities, exposure, plenty of courses to choose from, the green campuses attract international students. The universities’ notable alumni indeed attract the students to apply for admissions in such a vast ocean of educational institutes in the UK.

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